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Page 3 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

Page 3 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

I walk through the rain into town and find road signs pointing south to Cobar. That's a relief. At least I don't have to go back in the same exact direction. Instead, I'll be making a little alt-J between Nyngan, Bourke, and Cobar. Then I'll be back on track, headed due west, bound for adventure, and glory, and bins! Speaking of, where are the bins?

After discovering that all the bins in Bourke are fenced off and locked up and that the lady at the bakery won't give me yesterday's bread because of health and safety bullshit, I decide it's high time to get the hell out of dodge.

Easier said than done. People must assume that hitchhikers are like dogs: that they smell worse when they're wet. Maybe they're right. But dogs are cute! I put my tail in between my legs and use the best puppy dog eyes I have. Nothing.