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Page 7 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

Page 7 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

Delighted with my replenished food stores, I walk down the street singing This Time Tomorrow.
"This time tomorrow, where will we be? On a spaceship somewhere, sailing across an empty sea..."
"Hey! You! Want a beer?"
I look around, skeptical that Lady Luck has actually chosen me as her plaything for the day.
"Yeah you! My shout." (Australian for "I'll pay").
When Lady Luck decides to flirt with you for some peculiar reason, you don't ask why, you go with it. I ask no questions and head straight for the pub.

Turns out, the shout for the shout came from a guy named Rohan. Yes, as in Riders of. But instead of a bummed out cowboy banned from his own kingdom by a dickhead goth whose breath paralyzed his father, Rohan is a wealthy lightning manipulator who works in a copper mine and lives in a pub.

Some people are too frugal. When they get money they try to make it last as long as possible. Sometimes this can lead to self-centered thinking and a hesitancy to be generous caused by the fear that the money will run out. I think these people are called penny pinchers. Rohan is not a penny pincher. He is the beautiful, fiery, opposite that lives in the moment and goes for broke at every turn. He is the kind of person who includes others in the fun of now. Sure, he'll probably go broke. But then again, he'll probably make it back later.

Rohan has just put down $30 on a horse that is racing at 7:1 odds. It will be a good payout if the horse wins, but it's quite unlikely. As the cold, carbonated, goodness of a freshly poured beer hits my lips I see Lady Luck wink at me from the corner of my eye. Rohan's horse is doing alright, but alright doesn't pay well. Alright turns to good and good turns to better as Rohan's horse begins to chase something the other horses can't see. Just before the finish line, Rohan's horse gives one last explosion of energy and seizes first place. $210.

Some of the people in that pub had been looking for magic at the bottom of a beer glass for a long time. That day, they looked up. Amidst the cheering from Rohan's win, I hear Lady Luck whisper, "You see, a little bit of generosity goes a long way." When I leave the pub, everyone inside gives me a smile, a wink, a nod, or a wave as if to say they had heard the whisper too.