Chapter 6 - The Turtle & The Hare - Tiny Muha

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Page 8 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

Page 8 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

The last time I saw Turtles, she was gliding through the air on a tightrope in a park in Sydney. She had just completed a meditation course in the Blue Mountains and I could feel that she was more centered and at peace. Her eyes looked like they were fixed on the point where the rope met the tree but they felt like they were scanning her entire life experience to bring her guidance and balance each time she lifted her foot and moved to take a step.

Through the intersection of our lives, Turtles opened my heart to a deeper understanding of forgiveness, honesty, and love. We ended the romantic aspect of our relationship and have remained good friends. Now we can push each other’s buttons and simply laugh it off. We also know each other’s challenges and support each other through them. She encouraged me to hitchhike, dumpster dive, and live without money. Ultimately, she is responsible when, where, and how this hitchhiking journey has unfolded.