Chapter 6 - The Turtle & The Hare - Tiny Muha

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Page 10 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

Page 10 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

In all the tumultuousness that life brings it can be easy to forget who we are and where we come from. We can analyze and overanalyze our strengths and weaknesses, our achievements and insecurities, our dreams and our regrets. We can feel broken, depleted, tired, and lost. We can look for answers in careers and relationships, in movies and books, in successes and failures, in future goals and past experiences. The moments that I have felt peace and understanding in my life are the moments when I stopped analyzing my life and stopped looking for answers. Instead, I embraced every experience, emotion, and sensation I have ever had in my life for what it is: a phrase in the story of my life. Each phrase changes the meaning of our lives and gradually the plot arrives here, in this very moment. The story is never over and it's hard to say where it really began. So instead of trying to make sense of it all, just breathe in, then breathe out, and be glad you can.