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"I approach my way of creating as a playful conversation with the realm of infinite possibility. The scenes I present to you are as they were when they trickled through my lens. I just sprinkle in a bit of mysterious cosmic popcorn. There’s magic constantly swirling around us. It’s up to us to see it as such."


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Tiny Muha has spent the last 5 years filming and photographing his way around planet Earth.

It started in Germany where he directed a short documentary that blurs the line between pickpockets and magicians. He then returned to North America to write and direct a short film in Los Angeles about a group of mischievous heartthrobs in a nursing home. After that, he was off to Malawi to film a group of engineers construct a water filtration system for a school for blind children. No sooner had he landed back on American soil than he packed his bags and moved to South Korea where he made a 24-hour documentary from the back of a motorbike racing through the neon midnight of Seoul. He needed a breather from the city and moved to Australia where he spent time as a photographer at a protest camp then filmed himself hitchhiking 10,000km through the heart of Australia. He returned to North America and ended up in Toronto where he photographed for newspapers and fashion designers and made music videos and commercials for groups around the city. He then bought a motorcycle and moved to New Orleans where he is currently living and working.

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