Photography - Tiny Muha

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As I scramble across layers of rust and rose, my brain gets a ticklish sensation at the junction of curiosity, awe, and puzzlement. The sky is lilac, the ocean turquoise, not a cloud is in sight, and through the ocean dart spears of moonlight. Same as every night. But tonight, everything seems clearer, bolder, sharper. I try to figure out why the light is swirling around me in such different eddies than every other night. No clear difference comes to mind. Could it be slight changes in the humidity? A few minutes difference in the time of night? The position of the tides? From my observable perspective, there is absolutely no difference between tonight and any other night. But from my tangible experience, each little wave of light is dancing to a rhythm unique to this very moment. In fact, no matter how similar things appear from one night to the next, not one single iota is the same. Never ever again will I be in this exact space in the universe, observing these exact light waves, with this exact state of mind.
Our brains groove to a similar tune. From every observable perspective, the molecules that make up who we are seem to be fairly consistently arranged from one night to the next. We look, smell, taste, feel, and sound pretty much the same from dinner to breakfast, monday to sunday, yesteryear to whenever when. Yet never ever again will our brains be saturated with this exact concoction of chemicals which cause these exact emotions, sensations, and thoughts to arise in this exact pattern. Therefore, we should never deem our current perspective on our own lives or on the meaning of the universe as irrelevant. Each perspective is a little capsule of time, space, light, and thought. Each capsule is perfect.

Broome, Western Australia, Australia