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Page 4 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

Page 4 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

I feel myself slipping back down the rabbit hole as the Queen of Hearts emerges from the garden I am standing in front of. But no, she's not crazy enough... and she's kindly offering me a cup of coffee. Let's try again... I feel myself going back through the wardrobe as the White Witch kindly offers me a turkish delight... I mean a cup of coffee. As the hot, bitter liquid slides down my throat and settles in my stomach, it warms me from the inside out and provides me with a strange and magical source of energy that reenergizes my tenacity to keep trying for a lift despite being ignored by car after car.

Oh wait, it's just caffeine. And the woman who gave it to me is not the Queen of Hearts, or the White Witch, or any other character from any other fairytale. Her name is Sherri. She's a human, on planet Earth, who has lived in Cobar her whole life, and coincidentally is the sister of the woman at the bakery who denied me bread. Hmmm... good sister... evil sister... hunger and solitude sure are good for the imagination.

All of a sudden, my pumpkin chariot comes skipping to a halt in front of me. That's it! Sherri is the Fairy Godmother! How did I not see it until just now! I kiss my brief reentry into reality goodbye and thank my Sherri Godmother as profusely as I can for the magical brew and for keeping me company in the rain.