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Page 11 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

Page 11 - Chapter 5 - Literary Loops

I sit in the warmth of Optimus' mind, awaiting our fate. It's late, I'm dreary, the cab begins to melt and jump, the bitumen road outside of the windscreen rises towards me. I hurl myself out of the door, expecting to wake from a dream. Instead, I find the captain of the ship, tilting the cab upwards with a massive lever so he can inspect Optimus' innards. After a thorough medical examination, we radio Optimus' headquarters and get the go ahead to continue our mission to Adelaide.

Through banks of mist and rain, we charge onwards. Oceans of blue fields reach to the horizon in all directions. Glistening moonlight drips through the clouds. I want nothing more than to close my eyes and recover from the light sleep I had on the banks of the river, which now feels like a lifetime ago. I look at the captain of the ship; his blinks have slowed to a lethargic drooping of his eyelids followed by an excruciating opening. As copilot, I know it is my responsibility to keep the pilot awake. I launch into tales of Africa, the Orient, and Central America. We cannot stop the truck. We have just enough time to make it to Adelaide before our pilot has to take a mandatory 8 hour break after driving for 16 hours straight. If we don't make it in this window, the truck will have to stop outside of town, wasting company time and resources. The twists and turns of my tales of lands far away give us just enough fuel to make it into town. Optimus drops me underneath an overpass on the outskirts of town and races to the headquarters, trying to beat the clock.