Chapter 6 - The Turtle & The Hare - Tiny Muha

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Page 5 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

Page 5 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

"Come with me to Melbourne." Turtles suggested, not for the first time, as we drove north to meet Genevieve in the Daintree Rainforest one afternoon.
"You know I can't." I repeated as I had before.
"I can spot you the money you need until we find jobs. We'll dumpster dive and live in squats. Seriously, we're not going to need that much money. Come on..."
Believe it or not, this is a drifter's dream come true and I was seriously tempted to change my plans.
"My student loans are $500 a month. I'd feel uncomfortable borrowing that much from you until I find a job, and who knows how long that will take and whether I'll actually make enough to pay you back and keep paying my loans. Seriously, I want to join you but I can't."
"I know... I was hoping that I could get you to change your mind. But I know that I can't. You're the kind of person that makes up your mind and makes it happen... That's one of the things I like about you."
I didn't tell her then but that was precisely what made me change my mind to go with her to Melbourne. I sat silently in the car as the drifter inside me was indignant at having been associated with any kind of certainty or predictability. It was also a chance for me to try to reciprocate Turtles' love and break the repeating pattern of my past.