Chapter 6 - The Turtle & The Hare - Tiny Muha

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Page 7 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

Page 7 - Chapter 6 - The Turtle & the Hare

The rest is history. We never made it to Melbourne. But we lived several lifetimes between that night and now, as I walk down the driveway to her childhood home. We fought to protect a forest with a group of beautiful, passionate, sensitive, aware, creative, intelligent, loving people. She went to jail for peacefully protesting. I picked her up. I photographed the movement. We grew closer and we grew apart. I never was able to give her the love she deserved. I realized that being loved by someone whose affections you can't return is just as heartbreaking as loving someone who does not return your affections. By recognizing this I was able to forgive the heartbreaks in my past, the ones I had caused and the ones I had felt. Through this forgiveness and through the honesty about my emotions I shared with myself and with Turtles a piece of the cycle was broken.